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Sentinel Cloud EMS Web Services Cheatsheet (v3.6)

Sentinel Cloud EMS uses RESTLike Web services to facilitate integration of EMS data and transactions with external IT systems. Each Web service call is a standard HTTPS request and response is in XML format.

Version Information
GET getWebServiceVersion.xml Obtain Web Service Version


POST verifyLogin.xml Vendor Login
POST loginByEID.xml Customer Login By EID
POST loginByContact.xml Customer Contact Login by User ID and Password
POST closeSession.xml Close Session
POST setPassword.xml Set Password
POST changePassword.xml Change Password


Customer and Contacts
POST createCustomer.xml Create Customer
POST createContact.xml Create Contact
GET searchCustomers.xml Search Customers
GET getCustomerById.xml Retrieve Customer Details by ID
GET getCustomerByCustomerName.xml Retrieve Customer Details by Name
GET getCustomerByCustomerRefId.xml Retrieve Customer by Customer Ref ID
GET isDuplicateCustomerName.xml Check Duplicate Customer Names
GET getCustomerRefIdByCustomerName.xml Retrieve Customer Reference ID by Customer Name
POST deleteCustomerById.xml Delete Customer
GET searchContacts.xml Search Contacts
GET timeZoneList.xml Retrieve Time Zone List


POST addNamespace.xml Add Namespace
GET namespaceList.xml Retrieve Namespace By Name and Ref IDs
POST addFeature.xml Add Feature
POST updateFeature.xml Edit Feature Details
POST updateFeatureLMAssociation.xml Associate License Model with a Feature
GET viewFeatureById.xml Retrieving Feature Details for a Given Feature ID
GET featureList.xml Retrieve Feature By Criteria
POST deleteFeature.xml Delete Feature



Create Product
POST associateFeaturesWithProduct.xml Associate Features with Product
POST disAssociateFeaturesFromProduct.xml Remove Features from Product
POST changeProductLifeCycleStage.xml Change Lifecycle Stage of a Product
GET getProductById.xml Retrieve Product Details by productId
GET searchProducts.xml Search Products
GET getProductByNameAndVer.xml Retrieve Product Details By Name and Version
GET licenseModelList.xml Retrieve List of License Models
GET getLicenseModelById.xml Retrieve a License Model By ID
POST copyLicenseModel.xml Create Copy of License Model
GET serviceAgreementList.xml Retrieve List of Service Agreements


POST createEntitlement.xml Create Entitlement Using Parameters
GET getEntitlementDetailsById.xml Retrieve Details of an Entitlement



Add a Product to an Entitlement
POST updateEntitlement.xml Update Entitlement Details
POST commitEntitlement.xml Commit Entitlement
GET searchEntitlements.xml Search Entitlements
GET getEntitlementCertificateHTML.xml Retrieve Entitlement Certificate as HTML
POST updateEntitlementAttributeForAllFeatures.xml

Update Entitlement Attribute for All Features

Update Entitlement Attribute for All Features

GET getEntitlementItemById.xml Retrieve Entitlement Line Item Details
POST updateEntitlementItem.xml Update Entitlement Line Items
POST removeEntitlementItem.xml Remove Entitlement Line Item
GET getEntitlementItemByCriteria.xml Retrieve Line Item Details By Criteria
GET getEntFeatureLMAttributes.xml Retrieve License Model Attributes for a Feature
POST setEntFeatureLMAttributes.xml Update License Model Attributes for a Line Item
GET getServiceAgreementAttributes.xml Retrieve Service Agreement Attributes for a Line Item


POST updateServiceAgreementAttributes.xml Update Service Agreement Attributes for a Line Item



Add Enterprise User IDs



Remove Enterprise User IDs



Retrieve Enterprise User IDs
GET retrieveLicenseState.xml Retrieve License State
GET retrieveContractStatus.xml Retrieve Contract Status
POST changeContractStatus.xml Change Contract Status
GET retrieveContractLineItemStatus.xml Retrieve Contract Line Item Status
POST changeContractLineItemStatus.xml Change Contract Line Item Status
POST initiateReconfigure.xml Initiate Entitlement Reconfiguration
GET retrieveFeatureLineItemAssociation.xml Retrieve Entitlement Line Item Feature Association
POST updateFeatureLineItemAssociation Update Line Item Feature Association
GET retrieveLineItemFeatureLMAssociation Retrieve Entitlement Line Item Feature License Model Association
POST updateLineItemFeatureLMAssociation Update Line Item Feature License Model Association


   Custom Attributes  
POST createTemplateAttribute.xml Create Template Attribute
GET getEntityCustomAttributes.xml Find a Custom Attribute by Template Type and Entity ID
GET searchEntityByCustomAttribute.xml Search Entity By Custom Attribute
POST updateCustomAttribute.xml Update Custom Attribute
POST removeTemplateAttribute.xml Delete Custom Attribute


Machine Registration  
POST addFingerprint.xml Add Fingerprint
GET retrieveFingerprint.xml Retrieve Fingerprint
POST deleteFingerprint.xml Delete Fingerprint
POST addEntitlementFingerprint.xml Add Entitlement Fingerprint
GET retrieveEntitlementFingerprint.xml Retrieve Entitlement Fingerprint
POST deleteEntitlementFingerprint.xml Delete Entitlement Fingerprint
GET retrieveFingerprintRegistrationDetails.xml Retrieve Fingerprint Registration Details
Usage Information



Retrieve Usage Log
GET getCustomerUsageLog.xml Retrieve Customer Usage Log
GET getCustomerUsageLogBasedOnVendorInfo.xml Retrieve Customer Usage Log for Vendor Information



Retrieve Usage Bill



View Concurrent Sessions



Retrieve Current Usage Count
GET retrievePeakCapacity.xml Retrieve Peak Capacity



Retrieve Raw Usage Data for a Customer



Retrieve Detached Session Data


Machine Management  
GET retrieveActiveStations.xml Retrieve Active Stations
POST deleteActiveStations.xml Delete Active Stations

Function-wise Categorization

Catalog Functions

Here is a list of Web services you need to call to perform a catalog operation, such as add, modify, retrieve, and delete. Follow the calling order, wherever specified.

Add Product (in the order given)

  • addNamespace
  • licenseModelList
  • addFeature
  • getLicenseModelById and copyLicenseModel (optional)
  • serviceAgreementList
  • createProduct
  • changeProductLifeCycleStage

Modify Product (in Draft Stage)

  • updateFeature
  • updateFeatureLMAssociation
  • disAssociateFeaturesFromProduct
  • associateFeaturesWithProduct

Retrieve Product

  • getProductById
  • searchProducts
  • getProductByNameAndVer
  • viewFeatureById
  • featureList

Delete Product

  • deleteFeature

Entitlement Functions

Following are the Web services that help create, modify, retrieve, and reconfigure an entitlement. Follow the calling order, wherever specified.

Create Entitlement
(in the order given)

  1. createEntitlement
  2. addEntitlementItem
  3. commitEntitlement
  4. addEnterpriseUserIds (for Enterprise Named entitlements)

Modify Entitlement (in Draft Stage)

  • updateEntitlement
  • updateEntitlementItem
  • updateFeatureLineItemAssociation
  • updateLineItemFeatureLMAssociation
  • updateEntitlementAttributeForAllFeatures
  • setEntFeatureLMAttributes
  • updateServiceAgreementAttributes

Modify Entitlement (in Complete Stage)

  • changeContractLineItemStatus
  • changeContractStatus
  • updateEntitlementAttributeForAllFeatures
  • setEntFeatureLMAttributes
  • updateServiceAgreementAttributes

Retrieve Entitlement

  • retrieveLicenseState
  • getEntitlementItemById
  • getEntitlementItemByCriteria
  • getEntFeatureLMAttributes
  • getServiceAgreementAttributes
  • retrieveCurrentSessions
  • retrieveCurrentUsageCount
  • retrieveUsageLog
  • retrieveUsageBilling

Reconfigure Entitlement

  • initiateReconfigure
  • updateEntitlementItem*
  • getEntFeatureLMAttributes
  • setEntFeatureLMAttributes
  • addEntitlementItem
  • updateFeatureLineItemAssociation
  • updateLineItemFeatureLMAssociation
  • removeEntitlementItem (line item created in above step)
  • commitEntitlement

* For Enterprise Named Entitlements, the numberOfUsers field can be updated.

Custom Attribute Functions

Following are the Web services that help create, modify, retrieve, and delete a custom attribute.

Create Custom Attribute



Modify Custom Attribute



Retrieve Custom Attribute




Delete Custom Attribute


Machine Registration Functions

Following are the Web services that help add, retrieve, and delete a machine fingerprint.

Add Fingerprint




Retrieve Fingerprint




Delete Fingerprint



Machine Management Functions

Following are the Web services that help retrieve and delete active stations.

Retrieve Active Stations



Delete Active Stations