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On-premise Machine Registration

Machine registration is required to implement device-based licensing. It enables you to restrict the use of your application to only those machines of a customer that are registered with Cloud Connect. During machine registration, the machine identification information, such as fingerprint and host name, are obtained and registered with Cloud Connect. The machine identification information should be unique for a customer.

For information on obtaining machine identification information, refer to Sentinel Cloud Run-time Guide.

For machine registration, you need to use EMS Web services that are described in this section.

Method URI Description
POST addFingerprint.xml Add Fingerprint
GET retrieveFingerprint.xml Retrieve Fingerprint
POST deleteFingerprint.xml Delete Fingerprint
POST addEntitlementFingerprint.xml Add Entitlement Fingerprint
GET retrieveEntitlementFingerprint.xml Retrieve Entitlement Fingerprint
POST deleteEntitlementFingerprint.xml Delete Entitlement Fingerprint
GET retrieveFingerprintRegistrationDetails.xml Retrieve Fingerprint Registration Details