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Web Services Integration

You can call EMS Web services using any programming language like Java, C#, and C. Most of the operations that can be performed using the EMS portal can also be performed using the Web services. EMS Web services are REST based, which is a light-weight and better performing style of network architecture compared to the heavy-weight SOAP style.

This chapter provides the steps to integrate EMS Web services in your Java/C# applications.

About emsWSDemo

Sentinel Cloud EMS provides a demo application - emsWSDemo - using which you can test the EMS Web services. Using this tool you can also generate sample codes for the available Web services.

Accessing the emsWSDemo URL

Please contact SafeNet Technical Support for access to the emsWSDemo tool.

Using the Java Code Samples for Calling EMS Web Services

The Java code samples provided in this Web Service Guide use Apache HTTPClient to access the EMS Web services. The Web services require authentication before you can use them in your code. This section first explains how to authenticate using EMS user name and password, and then provides an example to call a Web service for getting details of a product.

Getting Ready

The Concept

The general process for executing EMS Web service URLs can be divided into the following steps.

Output Format for Failure

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <desc>Invalid request parameter</desc>