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This section lists the Web services provided to log in and log out to EMS server.

A client application must log in and obtain a sessionId before making any other Web service calls. When a client application invokes the verifyLogin method, it passes user name and password as user credentials. Upon invocation, the EMS server authorizes the credentials and returns a sessionId for the session to use in all subsequent Web service calls. The client application can use the closeSession Web service to log out of EMS server.

Your can configure log in for your customers/end users by using the method loginByEID and loginByContact. The closeSession method is common for both vendor and end user log in.

Method URI Description
POST verifyLogin.xml Vendor Login
POST loginByEID.xml Customer Login By EID
POST loginByContact.xml Customer Contact Login by User ID and Password
POST closeSession.xml Close Session
POST setPassword.xml Set Password
POST changePassword.xml Change Password